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Bed linen

Whether you’re running a 20-bed boutique hotel or a five-star chain, we know that controlling bed linen inventories can be a major headache. We are here to help you upgrade the quality of your linen and manage your stocks more effciently. And if you have a problem that needs fixing, we’ll respond in minutes rather than hours.

Table linen

There’s no denying that our bespoke linen is a cut above the rest when it comes to quality, we provide an impressive choice and diverse collection of table linen manufactured to the highest standards.


How many times have you been promised “fluffy towels” and ended up with stock that’s as abrasive as sandpaper and as stiff as cardboard? Our unique washing and drying process means we can supply some of the fluffiest towels in the business — and they’re all branded goods from British wholesalers too.


Stress — this is the one word that comes up again and again when we talk about workwear with our clients. Our cutting-edge systems and wash processes are designed to reduce stress levels at every turn, resulting in cleaner chefs’ whites, more robust linen, tighter inventory control and faster replacement.


We offer a dedicated shirt laundry service for drycleaners only. The secret of our success lies in superior wash technology, a bespoke hand-finishing process and unerring attention to detail. The result is a softer shirt for your customers, giving them yet another reason to return.


Drycleaners use us for three reasons: the quality of our laundry services, our capacity and our responsiveness. It’s this ability to turn around large orders at short notice that affords our clients scope, scale and a competitive advantage. Our services to drycleaners focus exclusively on flat linen and shirts.

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